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Hello. We are Beaver Creative Agency- an experienced team of designers, specialists in marketing, advertising and printing. We bring together the best creative thoughts and business goals to create a new idea. Skills, creativity, knowledge, imagination, effort, striving for perfection - this is our mix of success. Our works differ, become successful mostly because we love to create and are passionate about what we do.

We believe that design changes the world, and we are working hard to make these changes for the better.



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Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals.

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Brand identity is the visible component of a brand that define and differentiate the company in the eyes of customers, such as color, design and logo.

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Packaging should create the brand name, making it easy for a customer to identify the products belonging to the company.

Creativ Team

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Tigran Hovhannisyan

The most important condition in the working process is to get to the best final result and satisfy the customer.
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Hovhannes Tonoyan

Pay attention to customers' needs, collect as much information as possible and create something unique customer can be inspired.
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Elen Demiryan

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